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9/25/23 Home Corrected the caption below the Scholarship Winners
  Meeting Minutes Corrected some grammar and added the final 2023 and 2024 projected financials
  Members Added Bobby Forster
  2023 Scholarship Open Results Corrected Hastings and Towers day one weight
9/24/23 Home Link to the 2023Scholarship Open picture added
  2023 Scholarship Open Results Tournamament results
  Scholarship Open History Past scholarship Results
9/17/23 2023 Old Farts Results 2023 Old Farts Tournaments results
  Old Farts Tournament Old Farts History Page with 2023 Results included
  Home Link and picture to the 2023 Old Farts Results updated
9/3/23 Meeting Minutes Sent out a note about a 2024 club tournament on August 17 - 18
  Members Added a email address for Andy Smith
  Club Tournaments Updated the club tournaments page for 2024
8/7/23 Banks Lake Open Results Added the pictures from the 2023 Open
8/6/23 Banks Lake Open Results 2023 Results - No Pictures until 8/7
  Home Updated with 2023 Banks Lake Open Results
7/29/23 Banks Lake Open Flyer Doc updated the Flyer for 2023
  Banks Lake Open Flyer WEB "
  Old Farts Flyer Updated the 2023 Flyer
7/1/23 Home Indicated that the Scholarship Tournament was moved to Sept 23 and 24
  Scholarship Flyer 2023 Scholar4ship Flyer ( MSWORD )
  Scholarship Flyer 2023 Scholarship Flyer ( web page )
  Scholarship Tournament 2023 Scholarship Tournaey page with Sept 23-24 dates
5/17/23 2023 Colorama Photos Added 2 more pictures
5/16/23 2023 Colorama Photos Photos from Colorama where we were first in the club/organization category
10/8/22 New Member Info Updated the new member info
10/7/22 Meeting Minutes 2022 Year end financial & 2023 projected revenue and expenses
  Members Added address info for the Smiths.
10/3/22 Members Added Roni Smith
  2022 Scholarship Results 2022 Results - won by Tim Tadlock & Adam Newman
  Scholarship Tourney Winners Scholarship Tourney Results  page updated for 2022
9/18/22 2022 Old Farts Results Posted the 2022 Results
  Members Added Paul Jones & Andy Smith
  Old Farts Winners Page Added 2022
8/8/22 Banks Lake Open Updated with 2022 Results
  2022 Banks Lake Open Results 2022 Results Page
  Home Updated to Show 2022 Banks Lake Ope Results
8/1/22 Old Farts Tournament Made a 2022 Old Farts Page ( a little  late )
5/31/22 Banks Lake Open Updated for 2022
  Scholarship Tournament Updated for 2022
5/26/22 Old Farts Results Corrected the 2022 tournament date from 9/16 to Saturday 9/17
  Members Removed Bobby Forrester, Curt Huisman, Paul and Hunter Mills
  Meeting Minutes Current 2022 Financials and outlook
10/3/21 Scholarship Results The Dawson's win
10/2/21 Home Added A picture of the day 1 Scholarship leaders
  Day 1 Scholarship Results Saturday Scholarship Results posted
9/19/21 Old Farts Results The potholes Old Farts Results posted
8/16/21 Meeting Minutes Newsletter and financials posted
8/9/21 Banks Lake Open Results Tournament Results -
  Home Added a Link to the 2021 banks Lake Open Results
6/29/21 Banks Lake Open Banks Lake Open Web Page Flyer
  Banks Lake Open Banks Lake Open MS Word Flyer
  June Tourney Results Banks June Tournament results
  AOY Standings Standings after Banks lake
  Stats Stats after the June Tournament
  2021 Colorama Photos Colorama Pictures ( The club took 1st Place )
  2022 Planned Permits 2022 Planned Permits - The three Opens only
6/22/21 Banks 6/26 Launch Info Banks 6/2Tournament Hours - 5 am to 3 pm
  Jamboree Team Results Posted the Jamboree Results
  2021 Stats Stats  after the Jamboree
  2021 AOY Standings Standings after the Jamboree
5/9/21 Members Added addresses for the Mills
5/1/21 Roosevelt Results Lake Roosevelt Tournament Results
  2021 Stats  
  2021 AOY Standings  
  Members Added the Mills
  Home Added  a link and pic for the Roosevelt results
4/27/21 Roosevelt Launch Info Posted the Roosevelt Launch Info
1/28/21 Members Added Bobby Forster's info
1/25/21 Newsletter 2021 Schedule and Financials
10/6/20 Home Added the pic and links to the 2020 Scholarship
  2020 Scholarship Results Added them pictures from the Tournament
10/5/20 2020 Scholarship Results Posted the Results - no pics till Tuesday aftertnoon
9/22/20 Tournament Results Updated  - final for 2020
  Individual Stats Final 2020 Stats
  Club Standings Final 2020 Standings -- Curt Huisman 2020 Angler of the Year
  Home Front Page updated to show Curt 2020 AOY
9/21/20  Old Farts Results 2020 Old Farts Tournament Results posted
   Home Updated
9/13/20  9/12 Banks Tourney Results Posted the club tournament results
   Home Updated the front page with a link to the 9/12 club tournament
9/11/20  9/12/20 Tournament Hours Blast off any time after 6:15 tomorrow
8/9/20 Newsletter Financials Updated
8/2/20 Banks Lake Open Results Banks Lake Open Results Posted
  Banks Lake Past Results Updated
7/13/20 Banks Lake Open Flyer Updated the Flyer (Web Page) for 2020
  Banks Lake Open Flyer Updated the Flyer ( Word Document ) for 2020
7/2/20 Members Updated the club roster showing members that had paid their dues in 2020
6/29/20 Club Standings Club Standings after 6/27 Banks Tournament
  Individual Stats Stats after 6/27 Tournaments
  Tournament Results Tournament Page Updated
6/27/20 6/27 Tournament Results Banks Results
6/16/20 Club Tournaments Added the 2021 Tournament Dates - Permits for 2021 submitted on 6/16/20
6/10/20 Meeting Minutes Corrected the last sentence in the 5/29 newsletter to say our next tournament is 6/27 not 6/13
5/29/20 Meeting Minutes 5/29/20 Newletter
5/23/20 5/23 Tournament Results Banks Results
  Home Added 5/23 Results
5/14/20 Banks 5/23 Hours Posted the 5/23 tournaments hours
4/14/20 Club Tournaments Moved the Roosevelt Tournament out a week
1/30/20 Meeting Minutes 1/30/20 Newsletter
  Members Updated the rooster for 2020
  Club Tournaments Updated the 2020 tournament dates
1/18/20 Meeting Minutes 2020 Tournament Dates
10/31/19 Club Tournaments Added the 2020 Schedule
10/6/19 Scholarship Results Posted the results from the 2019 Scholarship Tournament
9/18/19 Meeting Minutes Outlook after the Old Farts Tournament
  2020 Old Farts Flyer Made the 2020 Flyer
9/16/19 2019 Old Farts Tourney Added the Pictures taken at the Tournament
9/14/19 2019 Old Farts Tourney Results posted - no pics till Tuesday
9/9/19 9/8 Banks Results Bill Hancock Memorial Club Tournament Results
  Final AOY Standings Final
  Final Club Stats Final
  Home Updated with 9/8 results
  Club Tournaments Updated
  Officers Removed Bill Hancock
  Club Records Most club wins updated
  Meeting Minutes Bill Hancock passed away
8/9/19 Meeting Minutes Financials, etc after the Banks Lake Open
8/5/19 Banks Lake Open Results Added the Tournament Fish Pictures
8/4/19 Banks Lake Open Results Posted the  Results
7/9/19 Members Added Kelvin Ratchford so he can fish the TBF National Semi Final in  Oregon
6/23/19 Banks Results Posted the Banks Lake Results
  Standings After the Banks June Tournament
  Stats After the Banks June Tournament
6/19/19 Meeting Minutes June Newsletter
6/8/19 Colorama Pictures Posted the 2019 Pictures
5/31/19 Jamboree Results Banks Results
  AOY Standings Standings after the Jamboree
5/28/19 Members Added Randy's address etc
5/5/19 Roosevelt Results Posted the Roosevelt Results
  Members Added new member Randy Morrison
  AOY Standings Standings after Roosevelt
  Stats Stats after Roosevelt
5/1/19 Club Tournaments Corrected the date for our June 23 -24 tournament on Banks Lake
  Home Corrected the URL for the state's fishing contests web site
3/14/19 Club Tournaments Posted Launch times for the 2019 tournaments
  Members Indicated that Brian had sent his dues into Bill
2/11/19 Members Indicated that Tom, Bill and Nic had paid their dues
12/27/18 2019 Scholarship Flyer Added the Flyer for the 2019 Scholarship Tournament
12/26/18 2019 Banks Lake Open Completed the Flyer for the 2019 Banks Lake Open
  2019 Old Farts Tournament Completed the Flyer, Entry Form and applied for the permit
12/7/18 Old Farts Payout Posted the 2019 Old Farts Payout Schedule
11/7/18 Home Changed the order of the links at the top and added a link for the Frostbite Tourney
  2018 Frostbite Results Posted the Frostbite Results ( Thanks to John McHenry for sending them to me)
  Scholarship Results Fixed the bad links below the pics on this page
11/1/18 2018 Old Farts Results Posted the old Farts Tournament Results
10/8/18 Home Added the Scholarship Results & a link for the 2019 Old Farts Tournament on Potholes
  2018 Scholarship Results 10/6 & 7 Results
9/9/18 Banks 9-8 Results Curt Huisman wins on Banks
  Final Stats 2018 Final
  Final AOY Results 2018 Final
  2019 Schedule  
9/5/18 Sept 8-9 Hours Changed the hours until noon on 9/8 - Due to Seahawks kickoff at 1:25
8/12/18 Meeting Minutes August 2018 Newslett Posted
8/5/18 Banks Lake Open Results Posted the 2018 Banks Lake Open Results
8/1/18 Open Blast Sequence  Added Tracy Ault & Larry Mawdsley as Number 1
6/7/18 Meeting Minutes June 2018 Minutes posted
  Members Added Tom Walters Info
6/4/18 Jamboree Results Posted the club results at the Jamboree
  Club Standings 2018 Angler Standings
  Club Stats Stats for 2018
4/30/18 Members Added Tom Walters, Zach Gaston and indcated that Brian Walters and Kevin Lunde had paid their 2018 dues.
  Club Tournaments Updated for 2018
  2017 Club Tournaments Made a 2017 Club Tournament Results page
4/29/18 Banks Results from April 4/28 & 4/29 Club Tournament Results
  Club Standings 2018 Angler Standings
  Club Stats Stats for 2018
  Home Updated with Banks Lake Results
4/15/18 Members Indicated the Curt Huisman paid his 2018 dues and that Lou Nevsimal joined the club
2/8/18 2018 Banks Lake Open Flyer Made the 2018 Banks Lake Open Flyer
  2018 Scholarship Flyer Made the 2018 Scholarship Flyer - the link is on the home page - lower right
1/23/18 Members Updated the Roster - Bill has paid for 2017 - Changed Curt's address
  June Club Tournament  
1/1/18 Meeting Minutes Posted January Meeting Minutes
12/30/17 Members Indicated the Tom & Nic had paid their 2018 dues - Removed Charity Gates from  the Roster
11/6/17 2017 Frostbite Results Posted the results taken from the Frostbite Facebook page
10/10/17 Meeting Minutes October Newsletter
10/9/17 Home Showed the Scholarship Winners
  2017 Scholarship Posted the Scholarship Results
9/18/17 Home Showed Banks Club results and AOY - removed Banks Lake Open Winners
  Club Standings Final Club Standings
  Club Stats Final 2017 Stats
  Banks 9/17 Results Posted Tourney Results
9/9/17 Scholarship Flyer Corrected residual from the Banks Lake Open on the Flyer
8/17/17 2017 Banks Lake Open Correct the spelling for Don Hankinson
8/13/17 Club Tournaments Added the 2018 Scholarship Tournament
  Meeting Minutes August Newsletter
  Home Added a link for the Scholarship Tournament
  Scholarship Tournament Made a page explaining the tournament with links
  Scholarship Rules Posted the Rules
  Scholarship Entry Form Posted the entry form
  Scholarship Payout Posted the payout matrix
  Scholarship Flyer Posted the Tournament Flyer
  Sponsors Removed Big Hawg Baits, added P-Line and Thrashco
8/7/17 2017 Banks Lake Open Posted the Results
  Home Added Open pictures and links
8/3/17 Pre Registration Banks Lake Open pre Registration
  Club Tournaments 2018 Tournaments confirmed - no conflicts
6/19/17 Club Tournaments Added the 2018 Permits we submitted on 6/19/17
  Banks - June Results Posted the Banks Lake Results
  Club Standings Standings after the June Banks Tournament
  Club Stats Current Club stats
6/15/17 Meeting Minutes June Newsletter
  Photo Album Added Brook Reichlin Picture
  Banks Lake Open Added Brook Reichlin Picture
5/31/17 Jamboree Results Posted the club results for the Jamboree
  Club Standings After the jamboree
  Club Stats After the jamboree
  Club Records After the jamboree
  Sponsors Added iron Giant
  Home Jamboree Results on home page
5/23/17 Members Added Shawn Spencer's email address
5/22/17 Moses Results Posted Moses results -
  Club Standings Standings after Moses
  Club Stats Stats through Moses
  Club Records New records for weight and largemouths by Shawn Spencer
5/19/17 Meeting Minutes Posted the May Minutes
5/17/17 2017 Colorama Photos from Colorama 2017 -  Club Entry took first Place
5/10/17 Members Added Kirk Herrin, deleted Zach gaston and indicated that Shawn & Kirk had paid dues
  Chelan Results Correcyted Kirk Herrin's Name
4/30/17 Club Records Posted new Chelan records
  Chelan Results Posted the Chelan Results
  Home Posted the Chelan winner
4/18/17 Members Added Shawn Spencer as a new member & indicated that Charity Gates had paid her dues
4/17/17 Home Corrected the Chelan date from the 30th to the 29th
3/4/17 Members Indicated that Bill Hancock & Brian Walters had paid their dues.
1/30/17 Members Updated the Roster.  removed Richard, Carla, Steve Norris and Dwayne Lyons.  Indicated that Cody had paid his dues.
1/19/17 Meeting Minutes Posted the newsletter from January
  Roosevelt launch Info Posted the Launch info
  Moses Lake Launch Info Posted the Launch info
  Banks June Launch Info Posted the Launch info
  Banks Sept Launch Info Posted the Launch info
12/26/16 New Member Info Indicated that the dues went up from $65 to $70 based on WSBF raising their dues from $ 15 to $ 20.
  Club Bylaws   "
  Members Added Frank White, Ryan & Charity Gates
12/21/16 Frostbite Results Added the info from  the Facebook page for the banks Lake Frostbite tournament
  Home Changed the WSBF logo to a new temporary logo because of a possible copyright infringement of the fish on their old logo
9/23/16 9/17 Tournament Results Added pictures
9/19/16 9/17 Tournament Results Posted the Banks Lake Results
  AOY Standings Final 2016 Standings
  Club member Stats Final 2016 stats
8/15/16 Meeting Minutes Posted the 8/16/16 newsletter
8/8/16 Banks Lake Open Results Posted the Results
  Home Put a link to the results
8/3/16 Open pre Registration Added Brian & Tom Walters
7/29/16 Open pre Registration Added Tracy & Mark Ault
7/23/16 Home Replaced the old hit counter with and set it at 40,000.  The counter was corrupted.
7/21/16 Sponsors Added Density Tackle, Flo's cafe and removed kershaw, Limit Out, Pline, Ranger Boats and Skeeter -- updated the sponsors gif on the home and sponsor page
6/19/16 Photos Added a picture of Hunter Chapman - 2016 Scholarship Award Winner
  Banks Results Results from the June 18 - 19 Club Tournament on Banks lake
  AOY Standings Angler of the Year Standings after Banks
  Club member Stats Stats after Banks
  Home Banks Results
6/17/16 Jamboree Results Added a Picture from the Jamboree
6/14/16 Tournaments Added Planned 2017 Tournaments - To be finalized by 7/1/16
5/31/16 Members Added members from past years - Curt Huisman and Chris Bedwell
  Jamboree Results Posted the Banks Lake Results
  AOY Standings After the Jamboree
  Club member Stats After the Jamboree
5/2/16 Roosevelt Results Added Saturday pictures
5/1/16 Roosevelt Results Posted Roosevelt Results with Sunday Pictures -
  Members Added Shom Barrientos, Zach Gaston, indicated Kevin Lunde was paid and removed Michaels
  Officers Added Brian Walters as Tournament Director
  AOY Standings Angler of the Year Standings
  Club member Stats Statistics
4/26/16 Members Added new members Anthony Douglas (  fishing Roosevelt ) and Dwayne Lyons ( fishing Roosevelt with his brother )
  Roosevelt Launch Info Updated launch info
3/20/16 Members Richard Coffey paid his dues
3/8/16 Members Added Gerald Dunn as a member
2/27/16 Members Corrected Carla's email address
2/16/16 Home Added the Open Flyer and a link to it
  2016 Banks Lake Open Flyer
1/27/16 Members Added Cody Hampton's TBF Number and removed Jake Smith
  Newsletter Posted the January Newsletter
1/23/16 Members Added Steve Michael's info
1/22/16 Members Added Kevin Lunde's info and new member Steve Michael ( no info yet)
1/14/16 Tournament Rules Reworded the National Semi Final Selection Process
  Members Added Cody Hamption and Ken Ganancial
  Tournaments Added Tournament Hours for 2016
   Home Removed BASS Logo and added the WSBF Logo
12/30/15 Members Added Nic, Kevin and Carla & deleted past members not paid in 2015
  New Member Info Updated
  Tournament Rules Added TBF Semi Final Qualifying Info
  By Laws Replaced B.A.S.S. with TBF
12/15/15 More TBF Semi Final Info The December 8th TBF Release
12/11/15 Members RFeceived Bill Hancocks Dues
  Navionics Navionic Maps online - the Link is lower right on the home page
12/9/15 Members Received 2016 Dues from 2 members
11/25/15 John Lawson Added a picture of JNohn Lawson wit a 6.4 smallie
11/12/15 Members Changed Rich Coffey's address
11/10/15 Home Added a link for the 2015 Frostbite Results
  2015 Frostbite Results Posted the results
10/24/15 Home Added the Link to the TBF Announcements
9/15/15 Sept Banks Results Sept 13 Results posted
  Home 9/13 Winner
  2015 Frostbite Flyer Added a Link for the 2015 Flyer on the front page
  Stats Final
  Standings Final
  Tournaments Final
9/7/13 9/13 Launch Info Posted Launch Info for 9/13
8/12/15 Meeting Minutes Posted the August Newletter
8/3/15 Tournaments Changed the 9/12- 9/13 Tournament to a single day 9/13 tournament because the ABA championship is 9/12 on Banks
8/2/15 Home Made the center background color white.  Added a link and picture from the 2015 Open
  2015 Banks Lake Open Results Posted the results
7/17/15 2015 Banks Lake Open Pre Registered Added 2 early entries
6/22/15 June 20 Banks Results Posted the June 20th club tournament results on Banks Lake
  Stats Included June Banks Tournament
  Standings  Ditto
  Officers Tournament Director open
6/18/15 Members John Atabero joined the club
6/17/15 Home Banks Lake Open pictures from 2014 on the front page
6/15/15 Meeting Minutes Posted the May & June 2015 Newsletters.
6/8/15 Photo Album & Banks Lake Open & Home Page Added a Picture of Jazmine Sumner, 2015 Scholarship award winner
  2015 Banks Lake Open Pre Registration and Blast Off Started the pre registration
6/3/15 June 20 Launch Info Posted the Banks June 20 Launch Info
5/26/15 Home Added the Jamboree
  Jamboree Results Posted the jamboree Results
  Standings after 2 tournaments
5/10/15 Stats 2015 Statistics
  2015 Angler of the Year 2015 AOY Standings
5/3/15 Roosevelt Results Posted the Roosevelt Tournament Results
3/9/15 Home Changed the link for Roosevelt Water Levels - the old link is gone?
2/15/15 Rooosevelt Hours Posted the Roosevelt  Launch time and hours
2/12/15 Home Changed the URL for Roosevelt Water Levels as the old one no longer worked
2/3/15 Members Updated the paid membership for 2015 ( the dues for the 5 members checked were sent to national & state BASS)
  Club Tournaments Updated the club tournaments for 2015
  New Member Info Updated for 2015
1/2/15 Home Changed the front Page Picture & Added a link to WaveAway
  Members Added Kenneth Cook and Joel Alinen
  WaveAway Added WaveAway Fundraiser Info
  Sponsors Changed te Skeeter Logo from a picture of a skeeter to a LOGO
11/8/14 2014 Frostbite Results Posted the Frostbite Results
11/4/14 Home Replaced the hit counter with set at 27227
10/12/14 Banks Oct Tourney Results Posted the results
  Stats Final 2014
  AOY Standings Final 2014
  Home Updated
10/8/14 10/11-12 Banks Tournament Posted hours for the 10/11 Tournament
9/12/14 Banks Lake Open Added the 2015 Flyer and 2015 Payout Matrix
8/30/14 Members Added a email address for Dana Ingalls
  Officers Put Dana back in as the Tournament Director
8/27/14 Meeting Minutes Posted the 8/27 newsletter
8/22/14 Sponsors Added Big Hawg Baits and Limit Out Marine
8/18/14 2014 Banks Lake Open Added pictures
  Home Replaced the lake Picture with pc fro\m the Open
8/17/14 2014 Banks Lake Open Posted the Banks Lake Open Results -no Pictures Yet
  Home Made a Link for the Open Results
8/13/14 Banks Lake Open Entries Posted 3 more Entries
7/7/14 2015 Permits Added our 2015 Permit Applications
6/29/14 Photo Album Added the 2014 Colorama Parade Picture
  Members Added Chris Coffey
6/22/14 Banks Results 6/21 - 22 Banks Lake Results
  Stats Club Stats
  AOY Standings Club Standings
6/3/14 Members Marked Bill & Chris as paid for 2014 and Made a Link to J d Davis's picture
  Sponsors Added Kershaw
5/29/14 Jamboree Results Posted the Jamboree Results
  Standings Added the Jamboree
  Stats Added the Jamboree
  Home Added a link to the Jamboree results
5/12/14 Banks Lake Open Entries Posted the 1st Banks Lake Open Entry
5/4/14 Roosevelt Results Posted the 5/3 Results
  Standings 2014 Standings
  Stats 2014 Stats
  June 21 Blast Off Info June 21 Banks Blast Off Info
4/2/14 Sponsors Added  GLoomis and Skeeter and removed the Golf Course
4/1/14 Sponsors Added Ranger and Pline
3/31/14 Home Added P-Line to the Sponsors at the upper Left Corner
3/29/14 Members Removed Al Seibert
3/24/14 Members Added Jason Davis to the Roster
2/21/14 Home Banks Lake Open Changed - moved to 8/16-17 because NWBass on 8/2 at Tri Cities
  Club Tournaments Banks Lake Open Changed
  Banks Lake Open Date Change
  Open Flyer Date Change
2/10/14 Banks Lake Open 2014 Banks Lake Open Info Added
  Open Flyer  "
  Open Rules  "
  Open Entry Form  "
  Open Entries Received  "
2/6/14 Members Updated Dana's phone number.
  Club Tournaments Changed the 9/27 Tournament to 10/11 - 12.  Couldn't get 9/27 because it was the 3rd week in September
12/14/13 Roosevelt Info Posted Tournament  Hours
12/11/13 Members Corrected Steve Norris's email address
12/7/13 Club Tournaments Indicated that we will be moving our 9/20 Banks Tournament to 9/27 because of the NWBASS Championship
12/5/13 Members Added Steve Norris to the Roster - sent $210 to BASS for Bedwell, Dunn, Hancock, Jorgensen, Melowitz, Norris and Walters
  New member Info Updated for 2014
11/26/13 Home Cleaned up the Death Notice and the Frostbite was added to the Quick Links
11/20/13 Home Noted that Al Siebert had died - no details
11/5/13 Home Made a Link to the 2013 Frostbite Results
  Frostbite Results Posted the Results
9/23/13 Home Updated the Home Page
  9/21 Banks Results September 21 - 22 Results
  Stats added Banks 9/21 - 22 Results
  Standings "
  Club Tournaments "
  Records "
9/15/13 Banks launch Info Posted the 9/21 Launch info - also on home page
9/6/13 Home Added a new counter set at 25,000 because the old counter - is gone - now using
8/18/13 8/17 Potholes Results Posted the results
  Club Tournaments Updated the Link for the potholes Results
8/7/13 8/17 Potholes Tournament Posted the Potholes Tournament Info - the link is on the Club Tournaments Page
8/5/13 2013 Banks Lake Open Added Pictures
8/4/13 2013 Banks Lake Open Posted the2013 Results - No Pictures yet
7/17/13 Banks Lake Open Entries Added Mills & Helaas
  Home Added Banks Lake Open Tournament Info on the front Page
6/24/13 6/22-23 Banks Tournament Posted the Banks Results
    Added Banks Results
  Stats Added Banks Results
  Home Add a link for the 6/22 Results
  Club Roster Updated Brian's Dues status
6/18/13 Club Roster Added Brian Walter's picture
6/14/13 6/22 Banks Tournament Posted Launch & Weigh In Info
5/28/13 Home Made a link for the club Jamboree Results
  Jamboree Results  
5/9/13 Club Roster Added Jocob Smith as a member
4/25/13 Home Added a Picture of the Roosevelt Winner
  Club Roster Added a new Email Address for Todd Coffey
  Roosevelt Results Added Pictures
4/21/13 Roosevelt Results Posted the Roosevelt Results
  Home Posted the link for the Roosevelt Tournament
  Club Tournaments Posted the link for the Roosevelt Tournament
  Club Roster Added new members Dunn and Jorgensen
4/19/13 Club Roster Added Brian Walters
   4/20 Tournament Info Added launch & start times for Roosevelt
3/12/13 Club Roster Added the rest off Troy's info
3/10/13 Club Roster Added Troy Kelly as a member ( He is joining to fish the BASS Nation Qualifiers ).  ( His check is in the mail)
2/4/13 Club Tournaments Changed the Pot Holes Dates to  8/17-18
1/15/13 Club Tournaments Updated the Tournaments Page for 2013
  2012 Tournaments Made a 2012 Tournaments Only Page
1/4/13 New Member Info Washington State BASS is raising their dues $10 so the club dues will go up $10 after 1/4/13
  Club Roster Added Dana and Bill as Paid and paid BASS online and sent a check to the state (Gene Batey) for 2013 dues
1/3/13 Club Tournaments Made request to change out 8/24 Potholes tournament a week earlier to avoid a TBF Qualifier on Riffe Lake
11/30/12 Home Added a link to the Power Pole Discounts in the Quick Links
11/19/12 Home Changed the dates for the first  qualifiers to 5/11 & 12 at Tri Cities based upon an email from Gene Batey
  Club Tournaments Changed the Qualifier Dates and indicated that we would be sharing a permit with Puyallup  on Banks Lake 6/22 & 23
11/16/12 Members Indicated that Chris had paid the 2013 dues
11/5/12 Members Added Chris Bedwell as a new member.  Welcome Chris.
10/31/12 Home Changed the Picture on the front page to Banks Lake and the background for the picture to Beige - and the 2013 Qualifier dates
  Members Added Curt's new email address
  Club Tournaments Changed the Qualifier dates for Banks
10/24/12 Home Added the Federation Qualifier Dates
  Club Tournaments Added the Federation Qualifier Dates
10/9/12 Members Added a video of Dana Ingalls instead of his picture.
9/28/12 Members Changed the spelling for Al Seibert +  his 2013 dues were paid
  Banks Lake Open Results Changed the spelling for Al Seibert
9/17/12 Home Changed the front page back to before the fires
9/11/12 Home Added a Tuesday morning picture of the smoke over Banks
9/10/12 Home Added pictures of the smoke and indicated that the fires were again a problem.  Removedthe low water photos
9/10/12 Home Indicated that the smoke and fire danger had subsided
9/9/12 Home Made a link to the Sept Banks Tourney Results & added news about the fire
  9-9-12 Banks Results Added the Results
  Club Tournaments Made Links
  AOY Final Standings
  2012 Stats Final Stats
8/10/12 Banks Lake Open Results Corrected ASl Siebert's name  and added big pictures when you click on the small pictures
8/5/12 Banks Lake Open Results Results and Pictures from the 2012 Banks Lake Open
  Home Add a picture and Link for the Banks Lake Open Results
8/4/12 Members Added a 2013 Dues Paid Column
  Banks Lake Open Changed the color scheme
8/3/12 Photo Album Changed the color scheme
8/1/12 Sponsors Changed color scheme
  Old Photos Changed color scheme
7/30/12 Club Records Added Dana's 3.73 Largemouth
  Club Stats Included Pot Holes Results
  Pot Holes Results Posted the Pot Holes Results
7/23/12 Officers Changed the Color Scheme and added Pictures
  By Laws Changec the color scheme
7/20/12 Members Changed the color scheme and added John Walech
  Meeting Minutes Changed the color scheme
7/17/12 Home New Color scheme and front page
  Change Log New Color Scheme
7/12/12 Club Records Corrected the smallie record.  Dana had a 3.8 not a 4.8 at the Jamboree
7/10/12 Banks Lake Open Entries Added Abbitt & Bogart
6/28/12 Home Took the 2013 tournament permits off of the front page and added a link for the 6/23 Banks Lake Results
  Pot Holes Launch info Corrected the date from August 29/29 to July 28/29
  Tournaments Added the 2013 Tournaments to the tournament page
6/25/12 Banks 6/23 Results Posted the Banks June 23-24 Results
  Pot Holes Launch info Pot Holes Hours
  Banks 9 - 8 Launch Info September 8 -9 Hours
  Club Stats Included Banks 6/23
  2012 Standings  "
6/12/12 Home Added the 2013 Tournament Lakes and Dates for which we will be sending in permits next week for 2013
  Banks 6/23 Info Tournament Hours and launch site
5/29/12 2012 Standings Added the Jamboree
  Jamboree Results Posted the Jamboree results
  Club Stats Added the Jamboree
  Club Records Updated the Club records - largest smallie & 3 day tournament weight
4/25/12 Home Removed Lake Level info
  4/21 - 22 Roosevelt Results Posted the Roosevelt Results
  Tournaments Updated for 2012 - Roosevelt Results
  Club Stats 2012 Stats
  Club Records Updated with Roosevelt Results
  2012 Standings 2012 Standings after Roosevelt
4/1/12 Roosevelt Launch Info Updated the Roosevelt Launch Info to show the upper San Poil is off limits
3/7/12 Home Added Banks and Roosevelt water levels
2/26/12 Home Added Banks water Level at the top
  Tournaments Added a Link for the 4/21 Roosevelt Tournament
  Roosevelt Launch Info Added Launch info for the Roosevelt Tournament
2/12/12 2012 Banks Lake Open Flyer Made the 2012 Banks Lake Open Flyer
  2012 Banks Lake Open Blast
Off Order
Blast Off Sequence
  Banks Lake Open Added Links to the Flyer
2/3/12 Home Changed the link under quick links to the new Federation Nation Web Site I'm building
2/2/12 Members Changed Rich Coffey' email address and added a picture for Dez Ruffin
  Home Changed the wording to say that Banks shoul be full in early March
2/1/12 Members Added Dez Ruffin, removed Shawn O'Connell, John Walech and Gary Stiles (with Inland Empire) and marked Greg McCulley as paid.  Also sent in the state Federation Dues for the six members that are paid.
1/30/12 Tournaments Changed the Banks Tournament to Pot Holes and added the entry fee $400 boater - $200 non boater
1/17/12 Home Changed the link for 2012 tournament permits to the state's site
  Tournaments Added the Jamboree and added the Federation Nation tournament dates
1/4/12 New Member Info Updated the New Member Info Page
12/30/11 Members Added Brian Steyerman as Paid for 2012 and sent his dues to BASS
12/22/11 Punch Bowl Low Water Punch Bowl Low Water Photos.  That is the last of the photos going on the Internet.  I still have another 100.
12/20/11 Members Deleted Doug Jorgensen as a member and updated members paid for 2012
12/18/11 South End Low Water Added 24 South End Low Water Photos
12/14/11 Osborn Low Water Added the Osborn Low Water Pictures
12/10/11 Main Lake Low Water Pics Added the remainder of the Main Lake Photos -
12/8/11 Main Lake Low Water Pics Added 15 Main Lake Pictures - well over 100 more to add
11/25/11 Home Changed the Front Page Picture and added a link to the low water photos under Quick Links
  Low Water Photos Added a Low Water Photo Page - More Photos coming in December
9/22/11 Home Added a Link for under Quick Links
  -28 foot Photos Photos from the back of Devils Lake and a a few from the causway and a few from Barker Flat
9/19/11 Roosevelt Results Sept 17-18 Tournament Results
  AOY Satandings Final Angler of the Year Standings
  2011 Stats Final 2011 Individual Results
  Tournaments Final 2011 Tournaments Page
9/14/11  - 25 foot photos 9/13 - Hole in the Wall
9/12/11 South End Photos - 20 feet 9/4 South End Photos
  Home Coulee Playland Luaunc Photos from 9/12/11
8/31/11 Low Water Photos - 18 Feet Launch Photos at -18 feet
8/26/11 Low Water Photos - 14 Feet Added a low water Photo Page
8/23/11 Sponsors Added NAPA Auto Parts
8/21/11 Coulee Playland Open Results Posted the 2011 Coulee Playland Open Results
  Home Changed the Wording at the Top
8/15/11 2011 Banks Lake Open Results Posted the Results with Pictures
  Banks Lake Open Added 2011 Results
  Home Changed the Wording at the top of the Page
  Coulee Playland Entries  Added Art & Mike Acuff
  Sponsors Removed  Sponsors that were unable to help in 2011
8/9/11 Sponsors Added a new Sponsor - Lube Tube
  Banks Lake Open Blast Off Added 2 more entries for the Open
8/2/11 Tournaments Changed the 9/15-16/2012 Permit application to
9/8-9/2012 because 3 weekends had been requested for tournament dates in September 2012.
  Members Changed Mike Swearngin's email address and added his BASS membership number
8/1/11 Banks Lake Open Entries Entered Al Siebert
  Coulee Playland Entries     "
7/26/11 New Member Info Updated the New Member Info page
  Members Added Greg McCulley's BASS number to the roster
7/25/11 Home Removed the dark grey background, moved the weather to the left, added a link to 2011 Federation Qualifiers under Quicklinks and made the page
  2011 Federation Qualifiers Made a page for the Fed Tournament Results
7/23/11 Home Added a dark grey Background and a Link to the PDF file for 2012 Permits under Quick Links - we have a conflict for the September 15th Permit we submitted
  Tournaments Updated the Tournaments Page
  2012 Permit Applications Added a Page for 2012 Permit Applications
7/17/11 July 16 Qualifier Umatilla BASS Qualifier Results
  July 17 Qualifier    "
  Qualifier Results BASS Final Standings
7/12/11 Members Added new member Greg McCulley and added a picture for Todd Coffey
7/7/11 Members Added new member Mike Swearngin
6/30/11 Home Removed 2011 Qualifier Entry from the Quick Links, added links for the July 16 and 17 Bass Qualifiers
  July 16 Qualifier Made a dummy July 16 Page
  July 17 Qualifier Made a dummy July 17 Page
  Tournaments Restructured the tournaments Page
  Qualifier Results  
  Club Jersey Updated the club jersey info ( the old link was bad) - Thanks Mike Swearngin for the info
6/21/11 Home Made a Favicon for the web page - it shows in the address box for the URL and also the Title for the Home Page only
  Tournament Page Posted the Tentative 2011 Permits we are applying for by 7/1.  Gary is send me the NWBASS schedule tonight.  You can thank Dana for the lakes and dates since he selected them.
6/19/11 June 18th Club Tournament Posted the 6/18 Banks Lake Results
  AOYStandings Added the Banks Lake Results
  2011 Stats      "
  Banks Lake Open Added the Scholarship Info for Alissa Brianne Mansker
6/12/11 Banks Qualifier Saturday Posted the Saturday Bass Qualifier Results
  Banks Qualifier Sunday Sunday Results
  Saturday + Sunday Finish Sat Plus Sundays Finish
5/31/11 Jamboree Results Posted the Jamboree Results
  AOYStandings Added the Jamboree Results
  2011 Stats Added the Jamboree Results
  Members Added Al Siebert - Paid Bass ($30) will pay the state dues for Al at the June 11 Tournament
5/24/11 Home Changed the front Page to Show the Scholarship Award - only shows up when you initially bring up the site
5/22/11 Roosevelt Results Added the 5/21 - 22 Results from Roosevelt
  AOYStandings Made a 2011 angler of the Year Standings Page
  2011 Stats Made a 2011 Stats Page
  Tournament Page Posted Roosevelt Results and made links for the 2011 Stats Page and Angler of the Year
5/4/11 Members Added Gary Stiles to the club and sent sent dues ($30) to BASS.  Gary is sending the $20 to Ken Day directly
4/28/11 Members Added Keith Jensen to the club and sent his dues into BASS ($30) and the State ($20)

Keith when you read this send me your telephone # and an email address that works
4/25/11 Members Added Curt's particulars and paid Bass( $30 ) and the State ( $20 ) 2011 dues for Curt
  Home Added a link ( Quicklink) to the Coulee Playland Open & changed the picture on the front page from Coulee Playland to the main lake by Hole in the Wall
  Coulee Playland Open We agreed to run the Coulee Playland Open which will replace the Valley Marine Open in August Annually
  Coulee Playland Rules The Tournament Rules
  Coulee Playland Entry Form Entry Form
  Coulee Playland Blast Off Blast Off Sequence
4/21/11 Tournaments The Federation Qualifier scheduled for Roosevelt on June 11 & 12 has been moved to Banks Lake
  Qualifier Entry Forms Added a link under the Quick Links for a word document containing the Qualifier Entry form and rules.  Dana and Bill are entering as is Tom.  Anyone interested should contact Tom.
4/19/11 Old Photos Added Several Banks Lake Photos from the 1930's
  Members Added Al Siebert as a New Member ( he has to join BASS and pay the $50 ) and BigFoot ( Curt Johnson)
4/9/11 May Roosevelt Tournament Added tournament hours for the Roosevelt Tournament.  The Link is on the Tournament Page.
3/10/11 Members Added new member Andy Smith
2/9/11 Drawdown Added a page with the 2011 - 2012 info on the Banks Lake drawdown - the link is under Quicklinks on the home page
1/23/11 Sponsors Added Banks Lake Golf and Country Club
1/6/11 New Member Info Updated the new member info for 2011
12/29/10   Sent in the tournament application to the National Park Service for the 5/21 - 22 Lake Roosevelt tournament along with the $45 permit fee
    Paid the state dues ( 9 members @ $20)
11/26/10 Bass 2011 Dues Paid the BASS 2011 dues for the club. ( 9 members @ $30)
10/28/10 2011 Permits Changed the link on the Home Page to point to the states permit page
  Members Updated 2011 Dues Paid for Members
9/29/10 Tournament Rules Added a Insurance & Liability section to the Tournament Rules based upon a suggestion from Shawn
9/16/10 Members Added Shawn O'Connell's info to the roster
  Old Photos Added A Steamboat Rock Photo from 2006
9/14/10 Tournament Reworked this page and added links to records & stats
  Records Made a club Records Page
  Stats Made a 2010 Club Stats Page
  Tournament Rules Made a Proposed Tournament Rules Page.  The link is on the By Laws Page.  It must be discussed and voted upon by the club membership.
9/12/10 Sept Club Tourney Added the results for the Sept 11-12 Banks Lake Tournament
  Members Added Curt Huismans and entered Brian Steyermans info and added photos for Curt, Shawn and Brian
9/8/10 Home Added a link for Club Jerseys, replaced the counter that hasn't worked for over a week and eliminated the link for the top 100 sites that hasn't worked for weeks
  Club Jersey Added a page explaining how to order a club jersey - the link is on the left on the home page
9/1/10 2011 Banks Lake Open Added a 2011 Banks Lake Open Flyer and and link from the Banks Lake Open Page
8/30/10 Tournament Added the 2011 Federation Qualifier Dates and changed the Banks Lake Open date to show we are teaming with NWBass on Sunday August 14th
8/24/10 Sponsors Added Taylors
8/20/10 Members Added Brian Steyerman and Shawn O'Connell to the roster
8/16/10 Sponsors Added the Sponsors for the Banks Lake Open
8/15/10 Banks Lake Open Results Added a page for the 2010 Banks Lake Open Results
  Home  Changed the front page to show the Banks Lake Open winner
  Members Added Todd & Richard Coffey as paid for  2011, Adde Doug as paid for 2011.
8/1/10 Members Added a 2011 Dues column.  John Walech paid for 2011 and 2010.  Added John to the 2010 BASS roster.
7/25/10 2011 Permits Added a 2001 Permit Page - the link is on the front page under quick links
  Members Added John Walech's picture
  Tournaments Added 2011 dates
6/24/10 Meeting Minutes Posted the 6/23/10 Meeting Minutes
  Tournament Changed the 8/14/10 weigh in to 2:00 pm
  Banks Lake Open Rules Changed the minimum fish size from 12 inches to no minimum
6/20/10 Banks Lake Open Added entries paid for the Banks Lake Open
6/16/10 Tournaments Sent in 4 permits for 2010 
6/7/10 Members Added pictures for Doug, Tom and Dana and Bill.  Dana's courtesy of John W.
6/6/10 Jamboree Results Posted the results of the 1st tournament
  Tournaments Made a link to the Jamboree results
  Members Added new Member  - John Walech
4/27/10 Photo Album Made a Photo Album Page
2/13/10 Tournaments Submitted a permit for 9/11 and 12 and updated the Tournament Schedule Page
  Home Added a link (under Quick Links) for the 2010 state Bass Permits
2/5/10 Home Added the club # 009807
  Formation sent the state dues to Ken Day
1/17/10 Banks Lake Open Added a link to the Flyer
  Flyer for the Open Added a flyer for the Banks lake Open
1/8/10 Home  Changed to front page to say we were affiliated with BASS
  Formation Indicated that we sent in dues and affiliation paperwork to BASS
11/26/09 Banks Lake Open The Banks Lake Open is now 8/15 on Banks Lake
  Tournament Added the info about 8/14 and 8/15
  New Member Info Added the info about $50 dues
  By Laws Changed the dues to $50
  Formation Indicated that we would be sending in our stuff to Bass on 1/1/10
9/6/09 Members Added the Address for Richard
9/3/09 Old Photos Added a few low water pictures from 1994
9/1/09 2010 Trophies Added a Page showing 2010 Possible Trophy Design - the only link is from here
8/31/09 Old Photos Added a Old Photo Page - the only link is from the home page
8/21/09 Members Removed Kenny G from the Roster.  He said he would join next year.  Added Richard and Todd Coffey.
  Home  Added the weather and removed the mail box
8/4/09 Banks Lake Open Moved the 1st Banks Lake Open to Roosevelt because we were unable to get a Banks Lake permit
7/29/09 Meeting Minutes The first meeting minutes
  Officers Added Dana Ingalls as the Tournament Director and Bill Hancock as the Federation Nation Representative
7/14/09 Banks Lake Open Submitted Tourney Permit Application
7/8/09     Members       Added Bass #'s for Hancock & Ingalls            
  Officers Corrected Hancock's Spelling
  Banks Lake Open Built a Banks Lake Open Page
  Tournament Built a Tournament Page
  New Member Info Built a New Member Page
  By Laws Preliminary Club By Laws - must be ratified by club members
7/6/09 Members Added Doug Jorgensen & Kenny G
  Formation Page showing the status on club formation
  Sponsors Added KGM Custom Baits as a Sponsor
7/5/09      Home            Built the Web Site