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August 2018
Congratulations to the team of Shawn O'Connor ( New Owner of Nixon's Marine ) and Kirk Holmes for their win at the 2018 Banks Lake Open.  While we only had 11 teams at the tournament it was still a very good tournament.  Largemouths on Sunday prevailed for the win!  Walter Dawson has joined the club.  We can expect to see him at our September Tournament.  Make sure you say hello to him and introduce yourself if you don't already know Walter.
We made $330 from the entry fees and $292.50 from the Raffle, with another $320 yet to be collected for the two rods and 14 hats from Skeeter that I sold.  I will collect that money next week end.  The Scholarship Tournament is scheduled for the first week end in October.  We should make somewhere between $300 and $500 depending on the number of boats we get.  

After the Open we have:                                                 $1350.67!   Total / Balance
        Revenue from selling Skeeter Products  $320                              $1670.67
        Projected Scholarship Revenue            $300                                 $1970.67
        2018 Year End Balance                                                                   $1970.67
                  2019 projected Expenses

        Scholarship $1000                                                                           $970.67
        5 Tournament permits $470                                                            $500.67
        Roosevelt NPS permit $45                                                              $455.67
        Plaques for the 2019 Open $143                                                    $312,67

                  Projected 2018 Balance before any 2019 Income               $312.67
You can see from the Financials above that we have a balance of $312.67 before any income from the 2019 Banks Lake Open, so we are in good shape for next year.  
We can send a team to the 2018 TBF National Semi Final at Tri Cities on the first week end in October.  That is the same week end that we will be running the Scholarship Tournament on Banks.  If your interested let me know.

June 2018


Our next tournament coming up is Banks Lake on June 16 and 17.  I expect there to be some smallies still spawning and most large mouths to be in post spawn with some still guarding fry.  The TBF High Schoolers will be fishing with us on our permit so say hello and welcome them.  They will be weighing in with us also.

You may be wondering what happened to our annual $500 Scholarship to a graduating senior from Roosevelt High.  There were no applications!  I don't know if that was because there were no seniors heading to college or some other reason.  In any event the 2019 Scholarship will be for $1000.

We  have to send our 2019 permit applications by 7/1/18.  Our planned applications for 2019 are listed below.  If you have any suggestions for improvement or changes get them to me ASAP as we have until 7/1/18 as a deadline.

Roosevelt May 4 and 5
Banks June 15 and 16
Banks Lake Open August 3 and 4
Banks September 8 and 9
Scholarship on Banks October 5 and 6

I'll be sending out requests for raffle prizes to our existing sponsors and potential new sponsors next week.  Any raffle prizes that you get for raffle at the Banks lake Open would be appreciated.


 January 2018


I hope everyone had a good holiday season.  I did!  It looks like the weather in Washington is a bit colder than normal.  It turned cold here in Texas just before Xmas and we are expecting below normal weather for the next few weeks.

Send me your dues at my Texas address below when you get a chance.  Dues are $70 unless you already belong to a Federated WSBF club.  With six paid members our club members can fish the TBF Qualifiers, on Washington and Banks in 2018, send one or two teams to the TBF National Semi Finals the first week of October at Tri Cities, and finally receive a million dollar liability insurance policy for every club event.  We need the insurance policy to get a permit for Roosevelt.

Our tournament schedule for 2018 is posted on the club WEB site.  Additionally, we will be running the Banks Lake Open and Scholarship tournament on Banks Lake in 2018.  The turnout for these two tournaments has gone down the last few years so we need ideas on how to promote these tournaments to increase participation.  

We will again be providing a $500 Scholarship for a graduating senior from Roosevelt High.  You will be receiving copies of the Scholarship applicants in May and be asked to ranks them.  We will be using the same process as we used in 2017.


Lastly,  if you itemize deductions on your Federal taxes we can provide you with a charitable contribution receipt for you club dues and for the entry fees for the Open and Scholarship tournaments.  Since we are not for profit organization with a Tax Id number these are legitimate charitable contributions.  We annually send these to our sponsors that provide donations for our raffle at the Banks Lake Open.


October 2017 Newsletter

Well, all of our tournament activities for 2017 are complete.  Congratulations to Brian Walters for his Angler of the Year performance!  After the Banks Lake Open we had $866.53 in our club account.  Since then we took in $100 by selling two rods that Skeeter donated to the club and we made $70 from the Grand Coulee  Center Lodge certificate that they donated to the club.  We also ran the Scholarship Tournament last week end, with only 8 teams fishing, and made $240 there.  Our treasury balance today is $1276.53.
Projected outflow for 2018 is:
1.  Scholarship                                                             $500
2.  Plaques for the 2018 Banks Lake Open             $140
3.  2019 Permits ( 5 at $94)                                       $470
Total                                                                          $1110
It looks like a balance of $166 on the positive side.  

While it hasn't been announced it is probable that clubs in good standing will be allowed to send multiple teams to the 2018 TBF National Semi Final which will be at Tri Cities the first week end of October.  In order to assure that we are in good standings I would like to urge that dues of $70 be paid by the first of the year.  We need six paid members to be in good standings with TBF and WSBF.  If you belong to another club that pays your dues to TBF and WSBF there are no dues required.  We have been a little lax in collecting dues in the past but will be less so this year.  On the positive side of dues, since we are a not for profit organization we can provide you a receipt for your dues that can be used as a charitable contribution on your federal taxes if you itemize deductions. 
As mentioned earlier we ran the Scholarship Tournament for WSBF this year.  Without the $240 made there we would have been hard pressed to make our annual $500 Scholarship.  We will again be running the 2018 Scholarship tournament.  I agreed to continue running this tournament until such time as WSBF wants to take it over again.  

August 2017 Newsletter

The Banks Lake Open is now in the books.  We had 12 teams compete this year.  Participation continues to go down.  It was a great tournament with wonderful weather, some pretty good fishing and a great raffle.  We made $360 ( $30 per team ) for the club and $420 from the raffle.  We need $739 to operate our tournaments in 2018.  So we are quite a bit short.  Precisely we are $379 short!  We are going to run the WSBF team tournament on October 7 & 8 on Banks Lake so we can hopefully make up the shortage there.  We need 13 participants in that tournament ( at $30 per team ) to make up our deficit.   Anything you can do to help advertise the tournament would be appreciated.  The reason that the WSBF will not be running this tournament is that the TBF National Semi Final for Washington and Oregon will be in the Dalles on the Columbia on the same date.  I also made another tournament permit application for the first weekend in October 2018.  The 2018 TBF National Semi Final will be the first weekend in October 2018 at Tri Cities.  We are calling the tournament the Scholarship Tournament as the money we make will be targeted towards our annual scholarship for a graduating senior from Roosevelt High.

We made $420 on the raffle.  This leaves us short on our targeted $500 scholarship.  We had over $3000 of raffle prizes donated from Sponsors.  If we had more teams participating we have made a lot more money.  I held out of the raffle a two night stay at Grand Coulee center Lodge valued at up to $200.  I hope to be able to sell this for $100 which will go into the scholarship fund.   Skeeter out did their past donations by providing us with four rods.  I held two of them out of the raffle.  They are Temple Fork Outfitters ( that’s a Gary Loomis company ) 7’3” heavy rods ( GTS C736-1 ) listed at $159.95 on their web site.  I am going to try to sell them for at least $50 each with the funds going towards the scholarship fund.  If you are interested in buying either one of these rods let me know

Our Financials for the club are listed below: 
2017 Expenses
1.  National Park Service Fee for Roosevelt                                                  $45
2.  2017 High School Scholarship                                                                   $500
3.  Plaques for the 2017 Banks Lake Open                                                   $140
4.  Four 2018 Tournament Permits                                                                 $376
5.  2018 Oct Scholarship Tournament Permit                                                $94

2017 Total Expenses                                                                                        $1155

2017 Income
1.  ½ of Roosevelt fees from Puyallup                                                             $69
2.  2017 Banks Lake Open                                                                              $360
3.  2107 Banks Lake Open Raffle                                                                   $420
4.  Additional Scholarship Donation                                                                $200

2017 Total Income                                                                                             $1049

2017 Balance                                                                                                     -$106

Additional 2017 Projected Income
1.  WSBF Team Tournament   ( 12 Teams @ $30 )                                       $360
2.  Sale of two rods                                                                                             $100
3.  Sale of 2 day stay @ Grand Coulee Center Lodge                                   $100

2017 Projected Additional Income                                                                   $560

The 2017 TBF national Semi Final is scheduled for the first weekend in October on the Columbia River.  The club can send one boater and one non boater to this tournament.  Based on last year the entry fee was $200 for the boater and $100 for the non boater.  The top boater and non boater from Washington advance to the TBF National Championship.  The top anglers can then advance to the BFL and finally to the Forest Wood Cup.  Our top angler currently is Brian Walters ( he would be the boater ) and then Tom Melowitz ( he would be the non boater).  Tom will be running the 2017 WSBF Team Tournament on Banks Lake those days and will not participate.  Next in line is Cody Hampton for the non boater spot.  Check out the 2017 standing on the club web site.  We have one more tournament in September that will finalize eligibility for the TBF National Semi Final. 

June 2017 Newsletter

We will be launching out of Coulee Playland.     Civil Twilight is 4:15 am and sunrise is at 4:56 am.   The Drivers Meeting will be at 4:30 am and the Blast Off to immediately follow or 4:45 am.  Weigh In will be at 3:00 pm.   Sunday hours will be from 4:45 am until 1:00 pm.
Brooklyn Reichlin was the winner of our $500 Scholarship.  She was awarded the Scholarship money on June 13th. Congratulations to Brook.  
We have offered to run the WSBF (Washington State Bass Federation) tournament on Banks Lake the first week end of October ( this was preciously called the Scholarship Tournament).  The first week end in October appears to now be the TBF National Semi Final date for Washington and Oregon so the WSBF is involved in running that and can't do both.  We would continue to run this tournament as long WSBF could not.  We should have a definite answer on this in the next week or so.  
Aulin Smith, the Washington State Fisheries Biologist for Banks Lake, has indicated that Banks Lake still has  biomass of approximately 60% White Fish.  He indicated that he was talking to Coulee Playland about some type of event targeted at reducing the White Fish population.  Possibly a week long Fishing derby during the winter.  If you have any ideas or suggestions send them along to me or Aulin.

May 2017 Newsletter

Our second tournament of the year is Sunday on Moses Lake.  We will blasting off from Cascade Park.  The Drivers meeting is at 4:45 am and blast off at 5:00 am.  The WSBF High School Championship is also on Moses Lake that day.  I expect them to have less than 10 boats.  They have the state championship on the line so we should provide them every courtesy.  They will be blasting off after us.  
We didn't make a AIS ( aka Zebra Mussel Form ) for Chelan so make sure you sign that form on Sunday ( if you were a boater ). 
We have three scholarship applicants from Roosevelt High for our $500 Scholarship.  I will be picking them up on Friday and will send them to each club member.  Please rate them one thru three.  One being the highest.  Whoever has the lowest score will be awarded the Scholarship.  This is the same process we have used for the last two years and it seems to work.
The club participated in the Colorama parade last Saturday.  We won first place for the Clubs/Organizations.  If you would like to participate next year let me know.

January 2017 Newsletter

 I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.  Our dues for 2017 have gone up from $65 to $70 because the state dues have increased by $5.  I'd like to get the money to TBF by the end of the month so if you can send me your dues before then it would be appreciated.  If your not planning on being a member any longer let me that also.  You can make the check out to me and mail to my Texas address below.  If you have paid dues to another TBF club there are no dues to belong to our club.

Doug Jorgensen informed me today that the Sanpoil River is closed for smallmouth fishing until June 1.  A link to the PDF file from the WDFW is below enumerating changes that were made in December.  Our first tournament is April 29 and 30th so the Sanpoil will be off limits for smallmouth.  We will be sharing our permit for Roosevelt with the Puyallup club so we will be blasting off and weighing in with them.

We have a May 20 one day tournament scheduled for Moses Lake.  The Potholes club also has a one day tournament on the same day on Moses Lake.  I'd like to get your input about moving this tournament to Sunday May 21 instead of Saturday May 20.

August 2016 Newsletter

The 2016 Banks Lake Open saw 15 teams participating with Michael and Tim Tadlock taking home the gold.  We made $450 from the 15 entries and $333 from the raffle.  So we will only be providing a $300 scholarship for next year.  Any suggestions for how to improve participation are needed and welcome.  We ended up $49.03 in the red for the past year ( this was caused by getting an additional permit for Moses Lake for 2017 ).   We have not paid the $147 for the 2016 Banks Lake Open plaques yet but that amount is included in our -$49.03 balance.  Our financials and the outlook for 2017 follow: 


Balance before the 2016 Banks Lake Open                                                       - $49.03
15 Entries from the 2016 Open                                    $450                                $400.97
Raffle                                                                               $333                                $733.97
½ permit shared with WSBF for 9/17-18                      $47                                 $780.97 

           2017 Expenses prior to the 2107 Banks  Lake Open 

2017 Scholarship                                                           -$300                               $480.97
Roosevelt National Park Service Permit                       -$45                               $435.97
2017 Banks Lake Open Plaques                                 -$147                               $288.97
3 permits @$94 for 2018 submitted by 7/1/18           -$282                                   $6.97    

Based upon our budget we will have $6.97 prior to the 2017 Banks Lake Open.  We will get our fourth permit for 2018 after the 2017 Banks Lake Open. 

We are sharing our 9/17 – 18 permit on Banks with WSBF so they can have their annual fall open.  Expect to have another dozen or so boats on Banks for our September tournament.  You will be able to fish both tournaments.  They have Monday through Thursday off limits.  Tournament hours for our September tournament are posted on the club web site.


January 2016 Newsletter

We are officially a TBF Bass Club with nine members paid and in good standings.  As a member of WSBF ( Washington State Bass Federation ) we can take advantage of discounts on Power Poles and Ranger Boats ( see the WSBF web site  for details ).  We also have a million dollar insurance policy with TBF.  We need that when we get the permit from the National Park Service for our Roosevelt tournament.  I'll be sending that in by the end of the month. 
Also, as a TBF club our members are eligible to fish the WSBF Qualifier Series.  The dates and info about the series are on the WSBF web site.  The entry fee is $300 per angler.  You have to sign up for those tournaments as a boater / non boater pair.  Both of which must be TBF members, not necessarily from the same club.  
If you haven't read the info on the new TBF National Semi Final there are links on our web site that will point you to that information.  Last year our members agreed that we would send a boater and non boater to that tournament.  They would be determined by the club standings.  First place would be the boater and second place the non boater.  If either did not want to fish we would continue down the standings until we had a boater and non boater.  The entry fee for the tournament is $200 per angler.  I talked to Keith Brooks, President of the WSBF, who indicated that he was 99.97% sure that the TBF National Semi Final would be on Banks Lake on October 1 and 2.  They would use the permit they have for the WSBF Team Open on that date.  The top two anglers from that tournament for Washington and Oregon will advance to the TBF National Championship in the spring of 2017.
We need a Tournament Director.  That position has been vacant since Dana Ingalls  moved to California.  If you are interested let me know.
For those of you not familiar with our web site the hours for each tournament are located under each tournament on the Club Tournaments page.  
We will be awarding a $500 Scholarship to a graduating senior from Roosevelt HS in Coulee Dam in June.  In the past club members have ranked them 1 to n.  N being the number of applicants.  We will do that again this year.  So expect to get all of the applications after May 15 and rank them and return that ranking to me.  The applicant with the highest ranking will receive the $500.
We have participated in the Colorama Parade for the past two years.  We plan on doing so again this year.  The parade is the Saturday before Mothers Day ( May 8th this year).  If you want to participate this year by driving your boat in the parade, let me know.  We have to send in an application which indcates how many boats we have.  Our 2014 Parade Picture.  

Lastly, our financials have not changed since the last newsletter.  We have taken in annual dues and immediately dispersed it to TBF.  Below are the Financials from the last newsletter.

 Current Financials
 Balance after the 2015 Banks Lake Open ....................   $1121.03
        Projected 2016 Expenses
           2017 Permits ( 4 permits ) ..................... $376
           2016 Scholarship ................................... $500
           Plaques for the 2016 Open .................... $140
           2016 Roosevelt permit ........................... $  45
           Colorama Parade Expenses ...................$  50

        Total 2016 Expenses ...............................  $1111

Balance after 2016       ........................................................ $11.03

August 2015 Newsletter

The front page of our web site has been changed to a white background, with our TBF club number and the TBF logo located in the upper left.  The TBF logo was white which was the reason the for changing the background to white.  We will not be affiliated with TBF until we pay our 2016 dues.  Right now I plan on attending the September 19th Washing State Bass Federation meeting in Ellensburg to let them know we will be joining in 2016.

     Well the 2015 Banks Lake Open is in the books.  We had 18 teams participating this year.  Down from the 22 that fished in 2014.  We made $540 from Entry Fees and $500 from the Raffle.  So we have the money we need for 2016 and also enough for a $500 scholarship in 2016.  Many thanks to everyone that helped out ( Bill Hancock, Steve Norris, Carla Bryan, Makayla White and anyone else I forgot ).  The largemouth bite was pretty good and far out produced smallouths during the Open.  I will be sending out Thank You letters to our 2015 sponsors next week.

     Our last tournament of the year was scheduled to be September 12th and 13th.  I found out that the ABA Championship is Friday September 12th and Saturday September 13th on Banks.  So rather than compete against potentially 100 boats on the 12th our last tournament will be one day only on the 13th. 

                                                            Current Financials


 Balance after the 2015 Banks Lake Open ....................   $1121.03
        Projected 2016 Expenses
           2017 Permits ( 4 permits ) ..................... $376
           2016 Scholarship ................................... $500
           Plaques for the 2016 Open .................... $140
           2016 Roosevelt permit ........................... $  45
           Colorama Parade Expenses ...................$  50

        Total 2016 Expenses ...............................  $1111

Balance after 2016       ........................................................ $11.03



June 2015 Newsletter

     I recently asked for your opinion concerning choices for the Banks Lake Bass Club in anticipation of the changes that BASS will be making in 2016.   The results were clear.  All responses favored moving over to Washing State Bass Federation (WSBF).  So that's what we will be doing in 2016.  The costs for membership will be $65 annually, unless you are already a member of another WSBF club, in which case there is no cost. The $65 includes FLW membership, TBF ( The Bass Federation ) membership, WSBF ( Washington State Bass Membership ) membership and Bank Lake Bass Club membership.  Prior membership was $95 annually for affiliation with BASS.  Membership dues are payable by the first of January.  
     By affiliating with WSBF club members will be eligible to compete in WSBF Qualifier tournaments starting in 2016.  We also receive a $1,000,000 insurance policy.  We need this insurance in order to get a permit from the National Park Service for a Roosevelt Tournament.  We also have to send a representative to attend WSBF meetings in Ellensburg in March, September and November.  If you want to represent the club at the meetings let me know. 
    We just completed the 2015 Scholarship award from the money made at the 2014 Banks Lake Open.  We had 5 applications.  Bill Hancock, Brian Walters and myself reviewed the applications.  We each ranked them one through five.  The winner, Jazmine Sumner, had two number one rankings and a number two ranking.  She was the clear winner.   Her picture is on our web site.  

     Tournament permits are due to the state by July first.  We will be submitting for same permits as in the past few years:  
                         Lake Roosevelt ..........  April 30 - May 1
                         Banks Lake ................. June 18 - 19
                         Banks lake Open ........  August 6 - 7
                         Banks Lake ................. September 17 - 18
      The 2015 Banks Lake Open is August 1 - 2 this year.  We had 22 teams participate in 2014.  We hope to have over 30 teams this year.  I'm sending emails and entry forms to past participants.   We will again be holding a raffle to make money for a 2016 Scholarship.  Our target ( ambitious ) is to have two $500 Scholarships for 2016.  Your help in running the tournament or soliciting raffle prizes would be helpful.  So far the following people are working with the following companies for raffle prizes:  Tom ( Nixon's, Limit Out Marine, Sniper Lures, Big Hawg Baits, Tackle Density, KGM Custom Baits, Coulee Playland), Bill ( Center Lodge, Cabelas), Brian ( Kershaw Knives), Steve ( Fisher bros, Ranger, Skeeter, P Line).  
      Financials:  Our current Balance ( excluding Banks Lake Open Entries ) is:               $868.85
      Anticipated expenses  for 2016:  4 Tournament permits for 2016 ($94 x 4)  $376
                                                            2016 Roosevelt NPS Permit                    $45
                                                            2016 Colorama PARADE                        $50 
                                                           2016 Banks Lake Open Trophies             $142    
                                                           Anticipated 2016 Expenses  ................... $613                    
                                    Expected Balance ( Exclusive of the 2015 Banks Lake Open )     $155.85
      We will also have to pay for 2017 permits before 7/1/16,  so we need to make at least $376 from the 2015 Banks Lake Open.

May 2015 Newsletter

I'm sending this to the current and past members.  If you haven't heard B.A.S.S. is planning big changes to the BASS Nation Tournament Series starting in 2016.  You can click on the link below to read what the changes are:
The changes that affect the Banks Lake Bass club the most are:
1.  National Dues were $30 per member in 2015.  We paid $150 in 2015 for 5 members to remain a BASS affiliated club.  In 2016 National Dues are going to $360 per club.  With 5 members that is $72 per member, with 6 it's $60, etc..
2.  Washington State Dues were $30 per member in 2015.  Due to the Washington State Team going from 12 members to 20 members and the Divisional entry fee going from 0 in 2015 to $200 in 2016 we can expect Washington State Dues to go to $50 - $60 or even higher in 2016.
3.  Each member is paying $85 annually in 2015 ($25 to BASS, $30 National Dues, and $30 State Dues). With a six member club we can expect that to go to $145  ($25 BASS, $60 National Dues and $60 State Dues) in 2016.  
As the President of the Banks Lake Bass Club I've thought of a few alternatives on how to go forward to deal with the BASS changes coming in 2016.  I'd like to hear from current and past members on these alternatives and any other alternative suggestions on how to go forward.
1.  No change.  Dues would go to $145 per member starting in 2016.
2.  Take $360 from the money we make at the Banks Lake Open to offset the 2016 BASS changes.  Dues stay at $85 ( $25 BASS and $60 Dues )
3.  Move over to TBF where the annual cost for a member is $90 ( FLW membership, TBF membership and WSBF membership).
4.  Become an independent club with no dues at all.  No member would be able to fish in state qualifiers.  We would not have a $1,000,000 insurance policy that we need to get a permit from the National Park Service allowing us to have a tournament on Roosevelt ( While I haven't researched this yet we probably could get the insurance through the Puyallup Hawg Hunters by inviting them to participate - I'm a lifetime member of Puyallup).

August 2014 Newsletter

August 27, 2014

     Well, the 2014 Banks Lake Open is in the books.  With 22 entries this year we continue to see some growth that we hope will get us back to the 50 – 60 boats we saw when it was the Valley Marine Open.   The raffle was a success also!  We made $509 from the Raffle, so we will be awarding a $500 scholarship to a 2015 graduating senior from the Coulee Dam High School.  Many thanks to those that helped with the Raffle.  Brian Walters who provided the filet knives from Kershaw, Steve Norris who worked with Ranger, Skeeter and Fisher Brothers and Bill Hancock and Dana Ingalls who worked with Grand Coulee Center Lodge all deserve recognition.   I plan on getting out Thank You Letters to each of our 2014 sponsors next week.  We make 20% of the entry fees, that’s $30 for each entry.  So we made $660 from the Entry Fees. 

     We have a balance of $1444.45 after the Open.  Projected expenses for 2015 are:

            1.  Scholarship                             $500
            2.  Four permits for 2016            $376
            3.  Colorama Parade                     $50
            4.  Trophies for 2015 Open        $140
            5.  Roosevelt permit                      $45

            Projected 2015 Expenditures            $1111

            Projected Balance for 2015  $333.45

     Our 2015 Tournament dates are: 
            5/2-3                 Roosevelt
            5/23-25            Jamboree on Banks Lake   
            6/20-21            Banks  
            8/1-2                 Banks Lake Open  
            9/20-21            Banks

    Our last tournament of 2014 is scheduled for 10/11-12 on Banks Lake.  A week after the Federation Team Tournament.  I hope to see many of you there.

     I fished the last BASS Nation Qualifier last week end.  Gene Batey proposed having three one day Qualifiers for 2015.  All on Sundays.  The day after three NWBASS tournaments.  Probably on Potholes, Banks and Tri Cities.  It sounded like most people were in favor of his proposal. 

     Lastly, Dana Ingalls is returning to the Banks Lake area from California and will again be our Tournament Director.


June 2014

June 3, 2014
   The next tournament  for the Banks Lake Bass Club is June 21 - 22 on Banks.  Hours are 4:30 am until 3:00 pm on Saturday and 4:30 am until noon on Sunday.  We will blasting off and weighing in at Coulee Playland.  Three members have already confirmed they will be fishing:  Tom Melowitz with guest Duncan Cox from Texas, Brian Walters with his dad and Bill Hancock ( possibly with Chris Coffey).  If you are planning on fishing let me know.
   I will be sending out the tournament flyer and entry forms for the August 16 - 17 Banks Lake Open to bass clubs in the state and as many past participants as I can find email addresses for later this week.  
   I will also be soliciting raffle prizes from past sponsors later this week.  Brian Walters has some Kershaw knives for the Raffle.  Steve Norris did some excellent work and has a lot of P-Line, Ranger hats and shirts and a G-Loomis rod.  Thanks to Brian & Steve for their hard work.  
PS:  The fishing is awesome on both Banks and Roosevelt right now.   The fish are in the backs of coves which are quickly rising with beds all over the place on Roosevelt, which is now 22 feet below full pool up from 60 feet below full pool in early May.

April 2104 Newsletter

April 10, 2014
       I received a call from Marie Jay ( she issues the permits for the National Park Service (Roosevelt)) yesterday.  She indicated they were finally issuing our permit  for May 3-4 for Roosevelt subject to there being enough water to launch.  Full pool elevation for Roosevelt is 1290 feet.  Today it's at 1241.  The ramp at Spring Canyon has concrete to 1210 feet but they will close the Spring Canyon ramp when the water gets down to 1220 feet.  They closed the ramp at Spring Canyon in 2011 for about two weeks in late April due to low water.   So if we don't have enough water on Roosevelt the back up plan is to have a fish in on Banks.  It wouldn't be a tournament and we would have to follow state regulations.  Launch info for Roosevelt:

     Let me know if you are planning on fishing Roosevelt.  We will going out with Northwest Bassmasters and Wenatchee Valley also will be fishing at the same time.  In total there may be between 25 - 30 tournament boats on Roosevelt.  

     We have 2 new members: Steve Norris and Jason Davis who are fishing the BASS Qualifiers on Banks the week before Roosevelt and also the Roosevelt tournament.  

     We will be participating in the Colorama Parade this year on May 10th.  Our float is my bass boat.  Bill Hancock and possibly Dana Ingalls will be riding in the bass boat.

     We moved the Banks Lake Open from the first week end in August to the 16th & 17th of August because NWBASS has a tournament the first week end in August rather than their normal second week end in August.  I haven't checked with Gary Styles yet to see if that is going to be their date again in the future.  If so we will probably have to move our date for the Banks Lake Open in future years.    We are going to start up the raffle again at the open this year.  Any raffle prizes you can get for the Open would be appreciated.  Steve Norris has already begun the job, with good results, of getting raffle prizes.  The word document attached may help with the raffle prizes.  We still intend to work on a local scholarship, but that is of course dependent upon  how we do financially from the Banks Lake Open.

August 2013 Newsletter


       Well, the 2013 Banks Lake Open is now in the books.  It was a good tournament.  We had lot's of positive comments from participants.  We drew 18 boats and made $540 which will cover our financial needs through 2014.  Although, we will not be able to get our 5th 2014 permit for Pot Holes as we had hoped.  Three teams were in the 28 to 29 pound range with the team of Bob Flowers and Jeff Abbott squeaking out the win.  They also won in 2011.  We plan on starting the raffle in 2014 with the expectation of once again offering a scholarship to a local graduating high school senior.     Our Financials commitments up to the 2014 Banks Lake Open:






1. 2013 Banks Lake Open +$540   $505.25  
2. Roosevelt Permit for 2015 -$45   460.25  
3. 4 permits for 2015 -$376   $94.25  
4. 2014 Banks Lake Open Plaques -$100   -$5.75  

    The expectations for the 2014 Banks Lake Open are 25 boats and $600 from the raffle.  That woud allow us to get the 5th permit for 2014 on Potholes for late August.  
Potholes August 17-18 Club Tournament  - Tournament Hours will be from 5:45 am until 3:00 pm both days.  We will be weighing in at Mardons, on the concrete onshore on the dock with the gas pump.   The Blythe launch will probably not have enough water to be usable..  You can launch at any launch ( Lind Coulee, Mardons or the state park) and start fishing at 5:45 am.  We will not have a drivers meeting.  There is a 5 fish limit with no minimum size.  Please send me an email if you plan on fishing.