Banks Lake Bass Club
4/20-21/2013 Roosevelt  Results

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    Day 1 Day 2  
  Angler  #
Weight #
Weight Total Weight
1 Gerald Dunn 3 2.69 7.30 5 4.29 15.62 22.92
2 Tom Melowitz 5 2.76 10.78 4 2.76 8.99 19.77
3 Doug Jorgensen 3   5.08 5   9.14 14.22
4 Dana Ingalls 0           0
4 Bill Hancock 0           0

We had 5 members fishing the first tournament of the year on Lake Roosevelt.    It was in the low 40's for the 5:30 Saturday blast off with mild wind conditions until 2:00 pm on Saturday when it blew.  Fishing picked up with the wind.  Fish were reported caught on Football heads with hula grubs and then with rattle traps after the wind picked up.  Dana had some good fish but had motor troubles and was an hour late for the weigh in on Saturday.    Sunday saw  41 degrees with moderate winds until a front came through at noon.  By 2:00 pm the wind reached 30 MPH with rain and 44 degrees.  New member Gerald Dunn, fishing with Doug Jorgensen, had 4 fish at noon, including two 4+ pounders.  He and Doug caught 20 keepers for the first hour of the noon cold front and ended up the tournament winner.  They reported catch most of their fish on Football heads.  His first tournament and first win with Banks Lake Bass club.  There is a TBF Qualifier on Roosevelt next week  so there was a handful of TBF members prefishing on both Saturday and Sunday.  The next club tournament is the Jamboree on Banks Lake.