Banks Lake Bass Club
6/22-23/2013 Banks Lake Results

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    Saturday Sunday  
  Angler  #
Weight #
Weight Total Weight
1 Tom Melowitz 5 2.55 10.08 5   11.63 21.71
2 Gerald Dunn 5 2.89 10.03 5   8.66 18.69
3 Dana Ingalls 5 2.15 8.97 5   8.17 17.14
4 Brian Walters 5   5.35 5 3.77 11.13 16.48
5 Bill Hancock             0

Gerald with 2 Saturday Fish Tom with 2 Sunday Smallies  Brian with 2 Nice Sunday  Fish
and the Big Fish - a 3.77 Smallie


We had 5 members fishing the third tournament of the year on Banks Lake.    The blast off and weigh ins were combined with Puyallup, so we had 12 boats combined with Puyallup.  We blasted off at around 5:00 am both days with the weigh in at 3:00 pm and 1:00 pm respectively for Saturday and Sunday.  The weather was in the 70's for the weigh in on both days.  Water temperatures were mostly in the 60's.  Both days saw moderate winds.   Tom fished the south end both days concentrating on bedding fish.  It seemed that there were more new fish on beds on Sunday which was probably caused by the full moon on Saturday night.  Gerald Dunn caught most of his fish on KVD 1.5 crank baits off of rocky areas.  New member Brian Walters came in with the big fish, 3.77 pounds, for the club.  He also had a good bag of 11.13 pounds for Sunday.    Dana, once again, said he missed a nice largemouth on Saturday.  No largemouths were weighed in by club members.  Bill got sick on Saturday and came in early.  He hadn't recovered enough by Sunday to participate.  Thanks to Delores for helping with the weigh in.