Banks Lake Bass Club
8/17/2013 Roosevelt  Results

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  Angler  #
1 Tom Melowitz 1 4 4.09 12.68
2 Bill Hancock 1 3 2.75 6.48
3 Dana Ingalls        

We had 3 members fishing the Potholes tournament.  We launched out of Mardons with the weigh in there also at 3:00 pm.   The weather was wonderful, with morning temperatures in the 60's and the mid 80's for the weigh in.    There were mild winds all day.  Water temperatues were in the upper 70's.  Threre were abundant largemouths caught, but most were small with the largest being around 2 pounds.  Finding smallmouths was difficult also.  Most fish weighed in were caught on tubes.  Dana had 2 fish that he brought in but released them rather than weighing them in.  Since we had only three members fishing the second day of the tournament  was cancelled.    The next tournament is Sepember 21 and 22 on Banks Lake.