Banks Lake Bass Club
6/18 - 6/19  2016 Banks Lake  Results

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    # # Saturday   # # Sunday   Total
Place Angler Small Large Big Fish Weight Small Large Big Fish Weight Weight
1 Tom Melowitz 3 2 3.56 9.09 3 2 2.94 13.10 22.19
2 Ken Ganancial 2 3 3.81 11.18 5     4.50 15.68
3 Brian Walters 3 2 2.68 8.58 4 1 2.54 5.78 14.36
4 Anthony Douglas 3   1.38 3.24         3.24
5 Shom Barrientos 1 1 1.85 2.76         2.76
6 Kevin Lunde 0               0

Saturday Pictures

Shom Barrientos Brian Walters Ken Ganancial

Sunday Pictures

Brian Walters & Son Tom Melowitz

We had 6 members, with 4 boats, fishing the third tournament of the year on Banks Lake.   The Demaris Open, with 18 boats,  was also on Banks both days.   Both tournaments co existed with no reported conflicts.  It was in the 40's for the 4:30 am Saturday blast off with overcast skies and moderate wind conditions on Saturday.   It got worse as the day went on with stronger winds and plenty of rain.  It was miserable.   Sunday saw lows in 50's with mild winds for the blast off and around 70 degrees for the 1:00 pm weigh In.  Water temperatures were 57 - 58 at Coulee Playland and the lower 60's through out the main lake.  Kevin Lunde got sick and did not fish Sunday.    Tom, fishing with Kenny G, had his lower unit give out near Jones Bay on the Saturday blast off and he and Kenny G fished their way back to Coulee Playland.  They also fished with only a trolling motor on Sunday.  Tom and Kenny reported catching 2 largemouths on beds on Saturday with the rest of their fish coming on Swim Baits and Drop Shots.  All of their Sunday fish, with the exception of one crank bait largemouth,  came drop shoting.    Brian indicated he caught his fish on different baits with a few taken around the Punch Bowl.  All in all in the smallmouth bite was terrible but the largemouth bite was better than expected given the nasty conditions on Saturday. 

                                        The next club tournament is September 17 and 18th  on Banks Lake.