Banks Lake Bass Club
2016 Jamboree  Results

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Angler  #  Fish Weight
1 10 Tom Melowitz 13 28.73
2 28 Gerald Dunn 11 21.78
3 88 Anthony Douglas 10 10.03
4 103 Brian Walters 5 8.07
  127 Dana Ingalls 3 4.41
5 132 Curt Huisman 4 3.96
6 141 Chris Bedwell 2 2.71
7 143 Rich Coffey 2 2.31
8 147 Shom Barrientos 1 2.00


We had 8 members and guest Dana Ingalls fishing the second tournament of the year, the Jamboree on Banks Lake.    The wind blew on Saturday and Sunday and finally the weather turned better for the Monday short day.  The water was three feet low as two pumps on the dam have been out for the past few weeks so in several of the smallmouth spawning areas either the water was too low or they were entirely out of the water.  There were many largemouths caught this year.     Bill Hancock was again able to get rods for the kids casting contest from Cabela's which brought smiles to several of the participating kids faces.   We had only Tom Melowitz  finish in the top 25 this year.