Banks Lake Bass Club
9/16 - 17  2017 Banks Lake Results

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    # # Saturday   # # Sunday   Total
Place Angler Small Large Big Fish Weight Small Large Big Fish Weight Weight
1 Cody Hampton 5   2.28 7.58 4 1   5.21 12.79
2 Tom Melowitz 5   1.93 5.35 5     3.51 8.86
3 Brian Walters 5     7.80         7.80
  Tom Walters 5     5.50         5.50
4 Curt Huisman 1   1.33 1.33 3   1.93 3.36 4.69
  Dana Ingalls 2     1.80         1.80
5 Nic Alexander 0               0.00

  Cody Hampton  


We had 5 members and 2 guests with 4 boats, fishing the final  tournament of the year on Banks Lake.     The  winner with 12.79 pounds was Cody Hampton.  Cody fished with Tom Melowitz.  The first cold front of the year arrived for the tournament making fishing difficult.  Sunday morning saw clouds, 43 degrees with a north wind of 10 to 15 MPH.   Nic didn't fish day two as he lost power to everything on his boat but the big engine.  He came in a hour early on Saturday and threw his fish away.  He said he thought a mouse had eaten through his wiring!  Brian and his dad Tom went to the Seahawks game on Sunday and didn't fish day two.  We had only one largemouth weighed in, about one pound, for the entire tournament.   Brian Walters finished third in the tournament which allowed him to be the 2017 Angler of the Year.  Congratulations to Cody Hampton for his victory and to Brian Walters for winning Angler of the year. 

                       The next club tournament is the on Lake Roosevelt the last weekend of April 2018.