Banks Lake Bass Club
9/8/18 Banks Lake Results

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    # # Saturday  
Place Angler Small Large Big Fish Weight
1 Curt Huisman 5   3.19 10.10
2 Tom Melowitz 5     7.56
3 Dana Ingalls 5     6.36

Curt Huisman

The last club  Tournament of the year was on Banks Lake.  The weather was good, in the 70's, and the wind was ok until the afternoon.  Curt was the winner.  He said he caught all of his fish early, mostly on jerk baits, and never culled after 10 am.  Tom and Dana fished together.  They struggled all morning but finally caught several fish around noon on rattle traps and spinner baits in 5 to 8 feet of water.  That bite lasted about 30 minutes and then it was gone.  No largemouths were brought to the scales although Tom and Dana spent a few hours fishing for them.

The next club tournament is on Roosevelt in May 2019