Banks Lake Bass Club
5/3-4/2019 Roosevelt Results

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    # # Saturday   # # Sunday   Total
Place Angler Small Large Big Fish Weight Small Large Big Fish Weight Weight
1 Nic Alexander 5   4.81 14.74 5   3.78 15.79 30.53
2 Tom Melowitz 5     13.13 5   3.79 14.55 27.68
3 Curt Huisman 5   3.79 15.79 5     10.70 26.49
4 Brian Walters 5   4.27 12.59         12.59
5 Randy Morrison 5   4.03 11.68         11.68
6 Dana Engalls                  
7 Tom Walters                  

Saturday Pictures
Nic Alexander Brian Walters Randy Morrison

Sunday Pictures

  Nic Alexander  

Our first tournament of the year was on Roosevelt.  The mornings were cool but the wind was moderate with water temperatures in the low 50's.  The fishing was very good on Saturday with reaction baits and tubes reported as the best baits.  Although the bite on plastics had to be fished at almost a dead still.   The fish changed locations on Sunday.  Most spots that produced on Saturday were fishless on Sunday.  Congratulations to Nic Alexander for first place.  Nic said he caught most of his fish Saturday on jerk baits.  He said he ran 22 miles up river on Sunday because his Saturday spots were dead.   Nic also had the big fish a 4.81 pound beauty he caught on Saturday.  All in all the fishing was pretty good on Roosevelt. 

The next club tournament is the Jamboree