Banks Lake Bass Club
9/12/20 Banks Lake Results

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Points Place


Big Fish  Weight # Large  # Small
 50 1  Curt Huisman & Randy Morrison 2.82 10.72 0 5
49 2  Tom Melowitz 2.69 10.02 0 5

Curt and Randy Tom

Our third tournament of the year saw only two teams fishing.  We had smoke from area files all day with visibility very limited.    Curt Huisman and Randy Morrison took first play with 10.72 pounds..  They caught a lot of keepers.  Their best bait was a Ned Rig.  Tom said he had a limit within 30 minutes of the blast off.  He said he had 31 bites on a top water popper and caught 12 keepers from those 31 bites.  He fished by Coulee Playland and the main  lake.   Both teams indicated they spent some time searching for largemouths but never caught one.