Banks Lake Bass Club
7/28-29/2012 Pot Holes Results

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    Day 1 Day 2  
  Angler  #
Weight #
Weight Total Weight
1 Tom Melowitz 2 2.75 5.50 4 3.02 7.31 12.81
2 Dana Ingalls     0 4 3.73 11.20 11.20
3 Greg McCulley       3   1.34 1.34
4 Mike Swearngin       1   .50 .50


Dana Ingalls with a 3.73 Largemouth
 a Club Record

We had 4 members fishing the first club tournament ever on Pot Holes.  The weather was warm, around
90 degrees both days with water temperatures in the mid 70's and mild breezes.  The fishing was tough for both largemouths and smallmouths.  We launched from Blythe and had the weigh in there both days.  Greg and Mike missed the Saturday drivers meeting and blast off and even though they caught fish on Saturday they thought they couldn't weigh in because they missed the blast off.   Dana had a tough day on Saturday with just a few bites.  He said he missed a 5+ largemouth on a jig and was very disappointed.  Tom said he had 7 smallie bites on Saturday morning, missed all of the bites,  and then went largemouth fishing for the rest of day where he caught 2 fish, one on a Beaver and one on a Sammie, in the center dune area.  Dana brought 4 fish in Sunday, 3 laremouths and a smallmouth, caught on 4 different baits.  His big fish, a 3.73 pound largemouth, was the largest largemouth caught in a Banks Lake Bass Club tournament.   Tom said he caught 2 small smallies and missed several other in the first hour on Sunday and then went largemouth fishing in the dunes where he caught a 3 + smallmouth and a 2 1/2 largemouth on beavers.  Members of the BASS Federation were prefishing for their Qualifier next week end and all we talked to said fishing was tough.  All 4 members and Dick Hampton and his wife, Goldie, went to dinner at the golf course Saturday night and swapped fishing stories.  A good time was had by all.